2019 LTS Race Information

*please note – runners must provide their own container for hydration…this is a cup free event!

Schedule of Events

 Friday, July 19
11:59 pm – Registration closes
Saturday, July 20
5:00 am Packet Pick Up at Sunburst Ski Hill
6:00 am 40M start
7:00 am 50K start
7:20 am Marathon start
7:40 am Half Marathon start
8:00 am 13K start
10:30 am Lunch begins – No charge for race participants
7:00 pm cutoff time for all races


Registration is online only at Ultra Signup​
40M – $90
50K – $80
Marathon – $70
Half Marathon – $55
13K – $40
*Trail Dog Swag is only guaranteed for those who register on or before July 6.
*Shirts are locally created by makeyourpointpens.com

Directions to the Start, Parking & Logistics

Distance from:
Milwaukee: 45.5 miles
Madison: 81.6 miles
Green Bay: 78.4
Chicago: 132.8
Janesville: 106.6
Stevens Point: 131.3
All races will start on time (with the exception of extreme weather delay…it has happened, so it
has to be in here – but even lightning strikes only delayed things by 30 minutes…)
Here is a link to the start line at Sunburst Ski Area:
The start/finish is at the base of the ski hill, near the parking lot and lodge.
If spectators have their dogs, just be aware that it can be pretty hot out! Please be sure to clean
up after them as well.
Restrooms are available inside the lodge; there are no restrooms along the trail, with the
exception of Mauthe Lake (for marathoners, 50K’ers, and 40 Milers)

Detailed Course Description:

 Click here for maps and elevations

All races will start at Sunburst Ski Resort in Kewaskum. All runners will head south and west
along the Otten Preserve section of the Ice Age Trail following the YELLOW trail and return
North and East on the WHITE trail back to Sunburst* and connect with the Milwaukee River
section of the IAT. All runners will continue on to the Hwy H trailhead.
13K runners will turn around at Hwy H and cover the Milwaukee River​ IAT section and finish
their race at Sunburst.
Half Marathonrunners will continue north past Hwy H into the Kettle Moraine State Forest. The​
half marathon turn is approximately ½ mile past the Hwy 28 trailhead and aid station. Half
Marathon runners will make the turn on the trail and return back to Sunburst to finish.
Marathon runners will continue north past Hwy 28 and head towards Mauthe Lake. Runners will​
 find the Mauthe Lake aid station near the park entrance and continue past the aid station
approximately ½ mile before making the turn back south to the finish at Sunburst.
50K runners will follow the IAT beyond Mauthe Lake to the Crooked Lake trailhead and aid ​
station. After refueling, 50K runners will head back south through the forest and back to
Sunburst for the finish.
40M runners will continue on beyond Crooked Lake and tack on 4.5 miles out to Butler Lake, find the aid station (at the top of the steps) and then turn around, back through Crooked Lake, Mauthe, and south to the finish at Sunburst
We have added an unmanned Aid Station at the Hwy Dd road crossing
between Hwy 28 and Mauthe Lake for the Full, 50K and 40M runners. You will find a 5 gallon jug of
water and Hammer gels. Please consider refilling the jug for the next runners

LTS Races Leg Descriptions​

Course markings: TDR flags​ are on your ​RIGHT​. Look for the ​yellow blaze of the IAT​​
​​ on trees and posts. High grass areas will be marked with
orange tape in/on the trees.
Leg 1: The Otten Preserve ​ Start at Sunburst Ski Resort, run south and connect with the
IAT.Follow the YELLOW trail west through the Otten preserve and connect with the WHITE trail​
to head east back towards Sunburst. Finish the leg at Prospect Drive. 2.8 miles
Leg 1A: Connector Road – Run south on Prospect Dr and cross the road at the IAT trailhead. ​
This connects you to the Milwaukee River section of the IAT. .20 miles
Leg 2: Milwaukee River IAT ​
This newly created section of the IAT will cover open prairie,​
marshland, farm field, and wooded forest. Run east along the trail following the IAT yellow blaze
and brown posts. Expect rolling terrain, wooden bridges, and a couple of short steep climbs.
Some double track sections. Finish the leg at the Hwy H aid station, parking, and trailhead.
2.62 miles 13K runners turn here.​
 Leg 3: H to 28 – This technical section is completely covered by dense forest. Expect steep ​
climbs and drops, roots, rocks, gravel and turns. The trail is what we term one and a half track
trail; not quite single but not double track. Finish the leg across Hwy 28 at the aid station. Half
marathon runners will find their turnaround point at Hwy 28. 1.98 miles
 Leg 4: Kettle Moraine Forest ​
The longest leg in this race, the IAT in the KM forest covers a​
wide range of terrain but is mostly covered by dense forest and is marked by a constant series
of climbs and descents throughout the leg. Mainly single track trail. Keep moving so the deer
flies and mosquitoes don’t carry you away. Expect tall grass in the New Fane area, soft swamp
near Mauthe Lake, and a killer climb around mile 11.5. Finish this leg at the Mauthe Lake aid
station. Marathon runners will continue .50 miles past the aid station to their turnaround. 6.38
Leg 5: Lake to Lake – Leave the Mauthe Lake aid station and run north and east to Crooked ​
Lake. You will cross Hwy GGG and Hwy SS and will be in your third county for the day
(Washington, Fond Du Lac, and Sheboygan). This section is entirely wooded singletrack trail
with a short open prairie section. Find the aid station at Crooked lake, refuel and return back
south on the trail to Sunburst. 2.85 miles

Leg 6: On to the next Lake –We’ve saved the most challenging segment for our 40 mile runners.  This is 9 total miles of up and down. After stocking up at the Crooked Lake Aid Station at HWY SS, runners continue north on the IAT winding along a ridge that rises and falls as it twists and turns.  You’ll see lakes and kettles on both sides. The first 1.2 miles from Crooked Lake are mainly wide, pine covered trail with easy, gradual, rolling terrain.

Cross Division Road, (it’s literally a dirt access road) stay on the IAT…marked with brown posts and yellow signs….and head towards HWY F.  This 2.0 mile segment is single and double track with rocks, roots, twists and turns. All the fun trail runners look for. 3-4 steep climbs (BTW you have to cover them again on the way back).    You will see a segment we call the Valley of the Fallen Giants…. Look left and right to see massive oak, poplar, and ash trees pushed over, snapped off, and uprooted from a storm in 2018.

Cross HWY F, look both ways, and find the IAT marker for your final 1.3 mile segment of this 9 mile leg.  This segment is a combination of single track, double track, and eventually wide, grass covered trail. Take the steps down to the aid station, refuel, rest as long as you need, and head back south to finish your amazing race.   You are on your way to completing your 40 mile race. Every step forward is one closer to home! (4.5 miles out)

Race Rules

1. All decisions of race personnel are final, including medical staff
2. There are no transfers or refunds allowed if you are not able to participate
3. The event will take place regardless of weather, but in the very unlikely chance we can’t
hold the event at all we’ll do our best to provide as much of a refund as possible to
participants who ask. Please check Facebook for updates leading up to race morning.
4. All participants must pick up their bibs at the start area before the race starts.
5. If you decide to drop from the race, make certain that proper procedures are followed.
The runner or crew member for the runner must notify race personnel at once at the
closest aid station. This policy is for your own safety. Transportation to the finish line will
be available if needed.
6. Event changes should be communicated to a race director prior to the event. Runners
who turn around early will be considered a DNF for their registered event.
7. Race bibs will be provided at the pick up the morning of the races. All runners must wear
bibs so that they are clearly visible in the front.
8. The race takes place on a designated National Scenic Trail. Please respect the trails,
other runners, volunteers and traffic control personnel. As you are aware, some areas of
the trail are wide, some is tight single track. If you choose to wear headphones, we
encourage you to leave one ear open in the case that a runner wishes to pass or
communicate with you.
9. Runners must follow the marked course at all times. If you get off course by mistake, find
your way back to the main trail and keep moving…it is difficult to get off course, quite
honestly, but crazier things have happened…
10. In the event of adverse weather, please take shelter immediately – participants must
follow all directions from race personnel in severe weather conditions.
11. All finishers will receive an award. The top male and female finishers in each
distance will receive awards (the overall male and female winners are not eligible for age
group awards)